Very happy to finally see some footage from this wonderful film.  We shot it almost a year ago to the day.  Director: Carter Smith  Screenwriter: Carter Smith Producers: Alex Orlovsky, Hunter Gray, Jacob Jaffke, Omri Bezalel, Carter Smith  Cinematographer: Darren Lew  Editor: Eric Nagy  Production Designer: Amy Williams  Makeup Designer: Mike Potter  Composer: François-Eudes Chanfrault

Principal Cast: Cameron Monaghan, Noah Silver, Morgan Saylor, Madisen Beaty with Judy Greer and Liv Tyler



Congrats to my NightLights family for the win. Very proud of this labor of love film, so happy to have worked with you all. Special thanks to Shawna Waldren, Stephen Louis Grush, Dave Midell, Adam Dick, Keaton Wooden, John Klein, Justin W. Cameron, Kate Black-Spence, Luca Valente, Caitlin Smith, Jeff Garretson.



Happy to finally be able to share this hilarious series with the masses.


Premiering on Valentine’s Day, happy to have worked on this one, brilliant work by director Sophia Peer, a great video to compliment a great song.


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